Unsuccessful Investments. Example 2. Metaplex

As in the first example, this time I also invested with the company I was working with at the time, and even the investment time was the same - November 2021. At that time, NFT was still a trend and there was a lot of talk about Metaverse - and here a new NFT marketplace is being created on Solana and even with such a name! I invested $300, but I definitely remember thinking about investing even more. Maybe it was the fact that I had to wait 2 years that stopped me.

I also remember at that time an acquaintance wanted to invest, well, he could not invest in this way, because he did not work with that company, but he could through me. Even then, I thought - well, it's not convenient to bind yourself with some kind of obligations for 2 years. A lot can happen. Of course, a full-scale war was not foreseen at that time, but the company could go bankrupt or disappear, as well as the platform itself, which was still being built at that time. So then I saved this acquaintance from losses. But I did not save myself. As in the first example, I invested with my salary, so I just got $300 less that month.

On September 25, 2023, I received 857 MPLX tokens. I didn't notice it right away, so I sold them - after 3 days, as you can see in the screenshot. It turned out: 1.8228 SOL - at the moment. At the time of writing these lines, it is $73, which is not so bad. But just the other day Solana doubled in price. At the same time, at the end of September, it was around $30, and I don't remember what I did with it - whether I sold it in hryvnias or exchanged it for some other cryptocurrency, but I certainly didn't leave it in Solana. Psychologically, 30 out of 3000 is like 0 for me, so somewhere in my head I "wrote off" this investment as a failure. After all, we know that when there is an upswing in the crypto market - everything can grow, including MPLX - because the platform is working, so far the token is present on few exchanges. But if there is no time to wait. If you need funds now, there is no other option than to sell and fix a 10-fold failed investment.

I gave this example, like the previous one, because in some ways I succumbed to the opinion of the crowd - everyone invests and I will invest. Of course, the fact that I could invest with the salary that I would receive at the end of the month also affected, so I would not have to change anything in other investments. For myself, I conclude that it is better to rely on my crypto-intuition than on the opinions of others. And I will tell you, as an example of another unsuccessful investment, but crypto-life consists such events too ...

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