The biggest donation in crypto blogging history

The biggest donation in crypto blogging history

Crypto blogging is a new trend. Crypto blogging gives the power to the people to earn with their content (and even consuming content of others). Still, most people are stuck to the centralized monopolists like facebook, but crypto alternatives are rising both in quality and quantity.

I'm present on most of these platforms. Crypto blogging as a notion might not have a big history, but already some sites died, some forked, and some newly established.

Read.Cash is one of the new platforms which put ambitious goals to have a fund of $100 000 for their users. And today unprecedented event happened -an incredible donation of amount $97,000 made by one user@MarcDeMesel 

Only recently I read that he donated $27,000 to the project, and today he is donating 97K making the overall budget over $100 000

That's not all, as other people are donating too. But it's really the biggest donation made by 1 person to the crypto project.

Being on all crypto blog platforms I see that it's possible to earn money there. However to earn good amount, you need to be either already famous person (in crypto world, or in general) or have a big amount of dedicated followers, or just be brilliant or lucky. On I only earned a few bucks. Moreover, I don't expect to earn much from the new fund. But other non-crypto sites don't pay you anything at all. I consider these funds as a small bonus for my crypto blogging efforts. Which might grow as the quality and the readership of my content grows. As it becomes more readable and useful.

Read.Cash has interesting system when fund distributes point every day, so not only you can get direct monetary upvotes to your articles, but also some funds for reading, commenting, etc. which are distributed on daily basis.

So if you want to become a blogger and earn some crypto - join Read.Cash

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