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For more than a year I'm using Status both as messenger and wallet. I'm also recommending it to many people who are curious to try new crypto-apps. While crypto adoption is moving forward, there are still many things all of us can do to fasten it. My small contribution would be writing about the news from the Status ecosystem.

For my new readers on crypto-blogs I will need to say that the Status application which combines private messaging, secure crypto transactions, and Web3 DApp browsing in your pocket.

Now Status is available on Mobile (both iOs and Android) and Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) and you can download it here:

SNT is a Status token (based on the Ethereum blockchain) and you can read more about it here:

Status updates are usually shared openly on the townhalls, where everyone can participate. The recordings are available later and you can watch the latest townhall here and I will sum up some of the news:

  • User growth continues, especially in African and South American countries

  • Since the beginning of this year, more than 1.5 million app installs, or approximately 7400 app installs each day

  • Over 12 000 active daily users

  • Status was a partner of ETHCC event in July

  • Waku workshop was conducted recently and more announcements are coming soon

  • Status Ambassador program is growing. New ambassadors joined from India, Turkey, and USA. You can check more about the program and get involved here

  • Jobs are available in Status, especially in Research & development direction.

  • The next town hall will be 30 August 2021.

I hope this was useful. I think I will be making the video review of Status in the nearest future, so you can let me know if you think that's good idea.

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