Status Crypto Messenger - News and What to expect in 2023

I'm using Status crypto messenger for several years (if you use it too - you can find me and message me there @ cryptotexty). Still, that's a fact that even now the majority of crypto people prefer Telegram, but this might be changing as Web3 is growing as a trend.

However, there are more news in the Status ecosystem and some of them I'll share now.

  1. Just recently it was a nice surprise to get ENS airdrop thanks to Status! I wrote about it a separate post.

  2. Recently Nimbus v22.8.2  was released. It is a low-urgency hotfix release, eliminating a risk for potential crash during block production that was introduced in the v22.8.1 release.

  3. Smart Appliance Spying - new interesting article on Status blog about nowadays privacy and security.

And in case you were not aware about Status and didn't use it - check this video about Status Reborn: The Future of Crypto Social (coming 2023).

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