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In crypto communities since ICO times, Telegram is the most popular place for communication. Even the most popular crypto projects use it as the fastest news delivery medium and the point of important conversations. However, not everyone is happy with this fact, so reading such discussions of crypto-alternatives brought my research to Status instant messenger

Status is not only a messenger, it is better to define it as a multi-purpose communication tool that combines a peer-to-peer messenger, decentralized crypto-wallet, and Web3 browser.

Messenger enables you to send and receive fully encrypted messages without any central servers. By just clicking a tab you can easily access your non-custodial crypto wallet. The wallet is very easy to use inside the Status communication – you can send transactions and invoice-type messages. Right now it’s working with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens (SNT the currency of Status is itself Ethereum-based token and is traded on multiple exchanges). 

After signing up at Status you will have to choose a name from 3 random possibilities (each name has 3 words, for example: Meek Unwritten Jackal or Awful Joyous Primate). To have a custom name you’ll need to pay 10 SNT (it’s less than $1 and remember that you need to have some ETH for gas). For example, I choose the name @cryptotexty and got this domain for it (There is also a possibility to add custom domain). So everyone interested to speak or to transact with me on Status can follow this link:

In the second tab there is decentralized Web3 Browser. You can use it for visiting web-site as well as for using decentralized apps, without exiting Status messenger. There is already a fair amount of dapps, starting to gaming to financial (exchange, swap, investment and staking opportunities). Full list of dapps you can check here:

Status network is building the whole ecosystem. Apart from messenger and dapps, they are building infrastructure layer, developer tools.

Three other projects are:

  • Keycard – secure, contactless, open-source hardwallet.
  • Teller – secure and simple marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with people near you.
  • Assemble – open and transparent funding platform, focused on web3 projects.

We will keep an eye on these projects while actively using Status. In addition to nice-looking application, Status launched a well-designed Ambassador program:

And finally, we’ve started some Public channels to communicate on Status:

#telos – about Telos blockchain, where we also conduct small Telos giveaway

#literature – during coronavirus times there is a tendency that people read more, so this will be the channel to discuss books

#economics – to discuss economics generally and cryptoeconomics particularly

You can download Status on the App store or Google Play.

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Crypto Projects Information

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