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Google as the company started as a search engine. Even now when Google has multiple products and divisions, the search engine element is one of the most well-known, used, and profitable (Google Adwords generate huge amounts of revenue). The word «google» itself became the synonym for «search». I remember the days of Altavista and Yahoo, but I understand that most people can’t even imagine the internet without Google. 

For many years Google has a monopoly in web search, but of course, there are alternatives. Presearch – is crypto-alternative, which I personally use for many months. 

Presearch gives the possibility for users to monetize their searches. After registration and setting up Presearch as your search engine, you will be receiving 0.25 PRE tokens for each search. 

PRE token is ERC-20 (Ethereum based token, and it’s possible to buy/sell it on several exchanges, for example, Probit). Everyday user can get up to 8 PRE tokens (so up to 32 searches will be counted). 

The minimum withdrawal number of tokens is 1000, so in case you receive 8 tokens every day, it will take 125 days to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. On the day of writing this post – June 8, 2020, thousand of PRE tokens cost $19. That’s not much but other search engines don’t pay you anything at all. Moreover, Presearch is not only a search engine. 

Keyword Staking

«Keyword» as a notion is very important for search marketing. You don’t need to have background and experience in SEO (Search engine optimization) to understand that keywords give targeted traffic. And as I mentioned Google generate huge profits on their keyword marketing machine – Google Adwords. Some keyword ads might for some geographical locations might cost a few cents, while others cost dollars or above $10 per 1 click. 

Presearch decided to «give the power to the people». So anyone can «stake keyword» and start receiving free traffic on it. In order to stake keyword, you need to buy PRE tokens (1000 tokens is a minimum amount to stake per 1 keyword). There is competition factor involved, for example when you staked 1000 PRE and somebody stakes more – his/her link will be displayed by this keyword. Also worth noting that your tokens are not burnt, you can stake them any time for another keyword or you can sell them. 

That’s a simple and interesting system. While Presearch is far from being as popular as Google, you can find many non-staked keywords and place your add for only 1000 PRE. You won’t get a lot of traffic. But at Presearch usage grows, the traffic for your keywords will grow and the competition will grow as well. Here like with PPC (Pay per click) on other sites, you can get very targeted traffic, with the only difference that you don’t pay per click. You need to pay once to get PRE tokens, but then you can sell them and who knows, maybe they will rise in price. And the tokens won’t be just sitting in your wallet – they will provide you utility – additional visibility and traffic. 

I decided to test keyword staking and started with 3 keywords, from different niches and leading to different sites. 

You can see on the screenshot the details, a number of times my keyword add was shown and number of clicks. 

Keyword 1 – p2pb2b

I discovered that many referral links to exchanges are taken, but this one was free. Even though I received only 2 clicks – one of these visitors became referral. (Unfortunately not approved by P2PB2B, but I don’t know the reason

Keyword 2 – status

I started keyword staking somewhere around the time when I wrote an article about Status and also I saw that this keyword has no staking, so I can stake only 1000 tokens. As you see it’s the most popular keyword among mine. 

Keyword 3 – telos

I like Telos blockchain and take an active part in the community, but as by the search engine ranking the site is not #1. So I decided to put it, as I remember from marketing past I saw that many successful projects put ads with their brand. Firstly I thought it’s a waste of money, because somebody who is looking particularly for this project – would find it anyway in results. But then I understood that such branded traffic is often very targeted, so it’s better to do everything not to miss it. In the case of Telos, there is another project with a similar name.

While checking keyword options, I discovered that many keywords have already ads staking on them. Most popular are keywords which can bring money traffic, keywords to exchanges, affiliate programs, etc. But of course, there are many free niches, especially in what we call «long-tail» keywords. 

So I will be getting more keywords and will definitely advise this option to my marketing clients.

And finally, Presearch has a referral program. For example, if you sign up to Presearch with my link and will use it for 30 days – I will get 25 tokens. 

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