LeafWallet - EOS built into your browser

In all blockchain space, I see the browser-based wallets are becoming more popular. Today I tested LeafWallet, easy to use EOS wallet (it also supports BOS) which is especially good to use if you trade on Newdex.

To start using LeafWallet you need to visit and download Chrome extension. By the way, with Brave browser it works fine as well, and I installed it to my Brave. Then the green leaf icon appears at the extension side, and you need to click it when you will use LeafWallet.

You can create a new account or import an existing one. I imported my main cryptotexty1 account. What I liked is that the wallet supports multiple EOS tokens. As you can see on the screenshot, I had KNYGA tokens displayed on among my top tokens. These are the tokens of Knygarium which I created almost a year ago and soon I'm planning to apply a new use case for them. These tokens are not popular and are not promoted, but still, I can easily use them with LeafWallet (if you are reading this and would be happy to receive some tokens - let me know your EOS account in comments and I will send you some). If you don't see tokens you would like to use -it's easy to "Add new tokens".

EOS still has CPU issues. If you don't have EOS staked for your CPU then you won't be able to execute transactions. Some services, wallets provide limited free transactions, it means they are covering CPU for you.

Newdex is the most popular decentralized exchange in the EOSIO world. By using Newdex with Leafwallet you can have 20 free transactions a day, which is completely enough if you are not a professional trader (if you are then most probably you have enough EOS staked for CPU).

When you "Sign in" to Newdex you will log in with your LeafWallet and then you need to Authorize Login and select account which you want to use. Then you need to select "CPU free pending order" when making your order.

There is also the "Application" tab in Leafwallet where you can find numerous gaming, trading, financial apps that you can easily use with the help of this wallet.

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