Interview with Marc De Mesel - Crypto and Investing in war times

Today we spoke with Marc De Mesel about Crypto and Investing in war times

Here is the video, text version will be done in the next few days, and some of the questions we’ve discussed you can see below.

- In war times crypto becomes an even bigger store of value, especially as inflation increases. Do you agree with it, and do you see more newcomers to crypto?

- What stage of the crypto market do we have now? Your opinion

- In one of your videos you mention “Buy when there is blood in the streets”. Now unfortunately we have blood on the streets. Is it time to buy and what to buy?

- Many investors are afraid to invest (in anything). What would be your suggestion — to wait or to overcome fear?

- Real estate market in war times.

- Many businesses collapse. New opportunities emerge. Setting up new businesses or investing in them.

- Import/export seems to be one of the promising area, as many old logistic chains are broken and new will be emerging.

- Is it a good time for Ukraine to create its own CBDC (Central Bank digital currency)?

- A lot of crypto communities supported Ukraine financially. How is the situation in your circles, and after the war (or here we say after the victory) do you think Ukraine might become one of the major countries for the crypto industry? Do you personally plan to come, for example for one of the crypto events?

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