How I paid for fuel with crypto

We live in interesting and dynamic times. Only a few months ago we had a fuel crisis in Ukraine, there was a big shortage of fuel. Many gas stations stopped working, others continued to work only as shops, and those few which had available fuel - had huge lines, so people had to wait hours in line.

Even the war doesn't stop innovation and crypto. Just recently it became possible to pay for fuel with crypto via Binance app.

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So the process is very fast and simple. I just stopped at the fuel station, opened the WOG app, and chose the amount of funds I wanted to pay (I chose in UAH, but paid in USDT as you can see from the image). Then I selected "Binance" in the payment method and paid. I tanked my car myself, that's actually one more benefit of using crypto - I don't need to go inside the station, and order, so tanking the car this way is much faster.

WOG is a big chain of gas stations, they exist in all regions in Ukraine. I have an old car and recently chose cheaper fuel on other stations, but now I will go mostly to WOG. The first reason is that there is an ongoing contest for this month and I can find some additional funds. But another reason is that this way I'm increasing the statistics of crypto usage and crypto adoption.

You can say that's a small impact on crypto usage. I remember in 2017-2018 there existed one startup which implemented crypto-payment solution for restaurants. At the peak, there were about 50 or 100 restaurants in Kyiv where it was possible to pay with crypto. But few people used it, so the restaurants abandoned this practice and that startup vanished. That's why in this case I would prefer to pay more but use crypto. And first of all, for the fuel, I will use my crypto-blogging income, which is now very small, but it may grow both market and the number of readers grow.

That's the video where I show how I payed for fuel in crypto (it's in Ukrainian, but you can see the process)

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