CO2 Sequestering ESG NFTs

CarbonLand Trust issues digital assets that represent carbon removal credits from forest land that has been conserved for the purpose of sequestering CO2. CarbonLand Trust NFTs have ESG benefits built-in and are the only NFTs that are removing carbon dioxide and protecting forests for future generations to enjoy.

CarbonLand Trust offers high quality verifiable Carbon Removal Credits and unique outdoor experiences. Our ESG NFTs issuing platform provides landowners with economic opportunities to make money conserving forests, and offering buyers in the voluntary carbon market the highest quality forest preserving credits.

The global carbon market grew 20% to $272 billion in 2020. And the demand for carbon removal credits that are actually removing CO2 from the air are at an all time high, brands are reporting there is not enough supply of verifiable carbon REMOVAL credits to meet demand. “There are not enough verified — verified is the key word — carbon offset credits in the world today just to satisfy Microsoft’s needs for this year,” said Marley Gray on Yahoo Finance.


There is a big shift happening in the carbon market right now that is influencing the price and demand. More than ever brands are committing to becoming carbon neutral, some even pledging to become carbon negative.

There are many initiatives focused on lowering CO2 that major and small brands have signed on to like Race to ZeroThe Climate PledgeCrypto Climate Accord, which are focused on climate and lowering CO2, and then there are also things like with a goal of “One trillion trees conserved, restored and grown globally by 2030”.

Plus brands aren’t the only ones offsetting CO2, people are taking part in the voluntary carbon market also as they become more aware of their impact.

CarbonLand Trust first batch of ESG NFTs is from 40 acres being used as a pilot project to test a MRV framework for Measuring, Reporting, and Verifying all future projects using Satellite, Drone, and In-person visits. Once the pilot project has finished all the stages of the initial MRV process and successfully issued Carbon Removal Credits (CRC) to the CO2 Removal Bond holders our platform will be available to other forest owners all over the world.

CarbonLand Trust’s CO2 Removal Bonds will open up access to voluntary carbon markets to all landowners who would like to conserve forests use CarbonLand Trust regenerative stewardship protocol.

CO2 Removal Bonds and Forest Conservation Certificates issued through the platform have legal requirements to be recorded on the title of properties taking part in the CarbonLand Trust conservation protocol which ensures stewardship practices are met and trees are protected from logging permanently.

Furthermore CarbonLand Trust wants to explore the possibilities of fostering social development in the participating areas and the different feasible business models which can function in symbiotic relationships with effective carbon sequestration.

“CarbonLand Trust is minting and issuing ESG NFTs on Energy Web Chain due to it being powered 100% by renewable energy and having very low transaction fees. And we chose to launch on CarbonSwap because we wanted to start with the lowest possible carbon footprint and maintain that in the whole life cycle of CarbonLand Trust’s products and services. When looking at the available blockchains out there, EW stood out as a chain really focused on lowering CO2 so it is a great fit for our business model.” Boone Bergsma, Founder of CarbonLand Trust.


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