Cardano Summit 2022: new information, new contacts, and opportunities

The Cardano Summit 2022 will take place over three days from Saturday 19 – Monday 21 November. It will start with a welcome evening on Saturday, November 19 at the Olympic Museum, Lausanne.

Like previous summits, it's a place to get new information, new contacts, and opportunities.
I wanted to host a Community Event in Kyiv, Ukraine and but due to war I wasn't sure that there will be many people. That's why this time I didn't submit the application - but if have at least some people who are now in Ukraine and want to meet to discuss Cardano - let's meet after the summit. You can also read my article How to work for Cardano blockchain and maybe we can join forces in the future Funds of Catalyst.

During this Summit, I'm looking forward to getting new information, new contacts, and opportunities. I already have several interviews planned to make after the Summit, so my readers can expect new Cardano content soon. The summit itself will have so much content, so for me, it's better to come up with new content a bit after the summit in order not to be lost.

This Cardano Summit 2022 will have:

10,000+ attendees

80+ speakers

40+ presentations

15+ workshops

1 blockchain

1 global celebration

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