Cardano Project Catalyst - Fund 10 Challenges

As the Fund9 results arrived, we now know the challenges for the next Fund - Fund10. Fund 10 of Project Catalyst starts on November 2, 2022. More than a month to wait, but if you have time - you don't need to wait, you can already study the challenges and start preparing your proposal.

So let's take a look at which challenges will be there in Fund10.

I. Development & Infrastructure

What research, tools or software can improve the developer ecosystem or infrastructure to make it easier to build and scale on the Cardano blockchain?

Budget: 2,925,000 ADA


II. Startups & Onboarding for Students

How can we support student blockchain startups through Catalyst? And how can I increase the number of student Catalyst proposers and blockchain engineers?

Budget: 100,000 ADA


III. Products & Integrations

What products and integrations can be developed or improved that will offer more use cases to the Cardano ecosystem that are high impact and drive more adoption?

Budget: 3 000 000 ADA


IV. OSDE: Open Source Dev Ecosystem

Can we build a community-owned Open-Source Ecosystem that’s commercially viable to drive growthincrease opportunities, and increase project visibility for the whole Cardano Community?

Budget: 1 000 000 ADA


V. SPO Tools & Community Projects

How can we support effective and impactful projects and initiatives to build and support the SPO Ecosystem and Community?

Budget: 1 500 000 ADA


VI. Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution

How do we equip and support developers with tools and working infrastructure? How do we make Cardano their first choice when it comes to building dApps, innovating and collaborating?

Budget: 2 000 000 ADA


VII. DAOs <3 Cardano

How can we make Cardano the go-to choice for building DAOs? What tools can we provide to enable effective DAO's Creation & Operation

Budget: 1 000 000 ADA


VIII. Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems

Can we bring together stakeholders to accelerate adoption and product-market-fit?

Budget: 1 000 000 ADA

IX. dRep improvement and onboarding

How do you achieve "(1) diverse and many dRep participation + (2) easy and proper voter delegation?"

Budget: 100 000 ADA


X. Building on NMKR

How can we make the Cardano NFT ecosystem more accessible by creating tools that implement the NMKR Dev API?

Budget: 100 000 ADA


So that's the list of the challenges and the categories where you can submit your proposal to the next Cardano Project Catalyst Fund. In November there will be more details about each challenge, but even now - you can already start thinking about your project and start working on proposal.

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