Cardano Meetup Kyiv - Ouroboros protocol

The first Cardano Kyiv Meetup will be held on Friday 28 August 2020 at 19:00 in the "Dim Dim" cafe (Khreshatyk 2, near Ukrainian house).

We are happy to have a prominent speaker Prof Roman Oliynykov from IOHK. Roman is a cryptographer, IT security researcher, lecturer, Ph.D. The main topic of the meetup will be about Ouroboros protocol.

The meetup will be in English.

Live translation will be at Cryptotexty youtube channel:

We thankful to AzureADA (AZUR) Cardano stake pool operator for sponsoring this meetup.

This meetup will be the first in a series of meetups on the different topics from the Cardano ecosystem.

Link to meetup:

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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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