Cardano Governance - Project Catalyst Fund9 results

Finally, the Fund9 Project Catalyst voting results are now confirmed. This Fund lasted longer, for about one month more, due to technical reasons, but finally, the results are available and you can read them in detail here.

In the results spreadsheet, you can see the funded proposals, and also additional data: the number of unique wallets voted, and the number of ADA voted for and against particular proposals. You can click the proposal name and it directs you to the Ideascale page, where you can read it in detail.

The next Catalyst Fund - Fund10 begins on November 2. Yes, that's more than 1 month to wait, but if you want to be more active in the Cardano ecosystem - you don't need to wait. You can start right now by analyzing the votes and the proposals. Study the winners - many of them are already known brands in the Cardano ecosystem - they will continue their development work. Study the incentives - be it local or global projects- maybe you can join them. Maybe your skillset might be needed in one of the winning proposals - and you can find interesting work and earn some ADA.

If you plan to submit your project - that's also a good idea to study the winning proposals, the dynamics of voting, categories, and finances. Project Catalyst Fund10 will have 16,000,000 ADA overall budget available for grants and ecosystem rewards. This time the budget will be in ADA, not in $ like before, which brings a risk of volatility but at the same time, it's reasonable as Catalyst funding comes from Cardano blockchain and ADA is the only currency it has.

Overall 205 proposals will be funded and 10 community challenges were selected for the next fund. ±364,288 total votes cast - a 53% increase from Fund8!   

My congratulations to the winner! As always, I would be happy to make interviews with interesting Cardano projects, people for Cryptotexty youtube channel, and for the crypto-blogs.

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