Cardano Donations to Help Ukraine

Aid For Ukraine is ​​an initiative that raises funds from the crypto community for the benefit of Ukraine’s military and humanitarian needs in our fight for freedom. After the invasion Russian Federation is killing civilians, children, bombing peaceful cities, and destroying the country. The international community reacted strongly by supporting Ukraine, and crypto communities made their impact. 

Everstake (also known as Group EVE in Cardano) is an important part of the Cardano ecosystem, by providing staking services to almost 2% of ADA holders, as well as supporting different local and global Cardano incentives, taking part in Cardano governance (Project Catalyst). 

We are happy to inform our Cardano delegators as well as the large Cardano community that now it’s possible to donate with ADA. 

For the moment of publishing this post, more than $55 000 000 was raised

More about Aid For Ukraine

Aid For Ukraine is powered by Everstake,  endorsed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine In partnership with FTX and Kuna

Founder of Everstake Sergey Vasylchuk has verified the initiative on his Twitter, and so did the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

Why Donate?

Ukraine is in the middle of a humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of children have died. Thousands of adults have died. The people will continue their fight for freedom, but they need more ammunition and necessities. 

Stand with Ukraine and donate crypto to the fundraising account of the National Bank of Ukraine. The funds will be used for the support of humanitarian aid programs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Why did we make this site and how does it work?

The crypto community does not want to stand aside and watch Ukrainians suffer from the unprovoked aggression by the Russian Federation and the subsequent humanitarian disaster unseen in Europe since the Balkan war.

Everstake is a Ukraine-based company. We wanted to give the crypto community a viable option to efficiently stand with Ukraine, and thus launched our initiative dubbed Aid For Ukraine.

Aid For Ukraine is cooperating with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which converts crypto funds received into fiat and sends the donations to the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the first-ever instance of a cryptocurrency exchange directly cooperating with a public financial entity to provide a conduit for crypto donations.

How will the funds be used? 

All funds raised through this effort will go directly towards aiding Ukrainians. The donations will be used to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian civilians in dire need of humanitarian aid.

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