Cardano ADA handle and ADA mail

In Eternl wallet which I use the most for Cardano transactions, I noticed the new feature - the possibility to create ADA mail and ADA hadle. So I decided to create both and share my experience with my readers.

You can create ADA mail and ADA hadle just from Eternl wallet, it will redirect you to the site where you can proceed with creation process.

ADA hadle

As you can see from the image, I paid 20 ADA and received 1 back with token.

So now $cryptotexty is my ADA handle

It is linked to my ADA wallet:


So when somebody wants to send me ADA, instead of putting this long Cardano address, they can put just "$cryptotexty" and the result will be the same. That's easy to memorize as Cryptotexty is the name of my crypto media and the name of many crypblog and social media accounts.

So for example, if you like Cardano related content which I make, you can send my some ADA or Cardano tokens just putting $cryptotetxy instead of my address. However maybe not a wallets support this feature, but I think in time this integration will only grow, as everyone speaks about better usability in cryptocurrency world.

ADA mail

There are several packages at ADA mail, I choose the "Free" option and as you can see I paid only 2 ADA, and received 1 back.

So now my ADA mail is: [email protected]

Feel free to send my e-mail there)

I didn't use it yet, I don't know if somebody among my friends use it, but that's good to be able to access e-mail just from your wallet.

And do you use ADA hadle or ADA mail?

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