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Just recently ADA MakerSpace received funding from Fund 3 of Project Catalyst (Decentralized Innovation Fund in the Cardano ecosystem). ADA token holders voted to support the creation of DEV workshop lessons for the development in Cardano blockchain. But ADA MakerSpace is not only about DEV education. We plan to create a sustainable business and become one of the Top DEV Shops that helps startups launch DApps on Cardano, and help inspire the creation of a new financial operating system.   

ADA MAkerSpace future episodes includes: 

  1. META DATA Experiments - Learn how Meta Data can be a secure contract, a timeless novel, or a fun bounty.
  2. Minting NFTs & Fungible Tokens - Learn how to setup a Cardano Relay Node to mint Native Assets with copy and paste templates.
  3. Glow 101 - Basics What is GLOW programming language, and why use it for your smart contracts.
  4. Glow 102 - Advance Advanced Glow programming techniques and experimenting with uses cases.
  5. Marlowe Plug&Play Contracts - Learn how to use a GitHub Library of Marlowe Playground smart contract templates.
  6. Pioneering on Plutus - Learn how to use a GitHub Library of Plutus Playground templates and off-chain code.

Dor, the Project Catalyst visionaire usually says in the beginning of each townhall: “Welcome to the experiment”. As ADA MakerSpace Crew we are taking part in this big experiment with Catalyst and will be releasing some experiments you can take part in.  

One of such experiments is our first NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) release.  

ADA MakerSpace LAB ACCESS PASS ( link) is utility NFT which will give the premium access to all ADA MakerSpace products and services. The experiment is to show some concepts for *Utility* NFTs in the Cardano community, and also it’s a way to popularise the notion itself - “Yes, NFTs on Cardano exist, they look cool, AND DO SOMETHING”  

Since yesterday's Catalyst Townhall presentation - 13 NFTs have sold for $88.88 each on web-site. And by joining the Academy you can get an affiliate link, and you can earn some ADA of Fiat just by referring others who buy a NFT. Moreover, you can earn ADAmerald Circuits - a Cardano-based fungible token just for taking action on the site. ADAmerald Circuits will be tradeable for Special Offers & Perks and will probably become one of the most popular Cardano native assets. 

So join ADA MakerSpace and let’s build on Cardano together!

ADA MakerSpace website:

ADA MakerSpace Youtube:

ADA MakerSpace Twitter:

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