Top 7 trending digital marketing for 2020 in cryptospace!
Top 7 trending digital marketing for 2020 in cryptospace!

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 28 Jan 2020

1. SEO - Yes, this still works and proven tested, you can deliver amazing results, but companies need to focus on quality over quantity.

2. Video Maker - For me by 2020, video will make up to 90% of all consumer internet traffic. Basic example Youtube.

3. Funnels and smart Segmentation - Targeting and Positioning Audience Segmentation will improve conversation rates and I believe bigger email lists won't be needed anymore.

4. Bot/AI advertising - As you can see lots of social media websites are now doing their new auto-optimization for ads. Just click and let the bot/AI works for your pages/Websites, you will be able to guesstimate user's behavior as well.

5. TikTok - This new stable platform released last January 3, 2020, with initially released date last September 2016 by ByteDance. You can drive traffic to their website. You can get more potential buyers and industry leaders.

6. Influencer Marketing - It's a big pump and get lots of traffics if you can hire some influencer mostly in social media. This new marketing is still good and trend for this year, but those who take advantage of t his growth hacking strategy you will see some tremendous return of investment (ROI).

7. Geofencing - This will improve your conversion rates and transform the users into fans or brand ambassadors.

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