The advantages of Hydro dApps vs Traditional Centralized store - My #BestDApp

The advantages of Hydro dApps vs Traditional Centralized store - My #BestDApp

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 19 Dec 2019

People nowadays are using mobile devices rather than watching Television. The applications are part of our daily needs when we use mobile devices, most especially when you're a gamer. You have to download lots of games. The best part about downloading applications is its to help you with your daily needs.


Traditional Apps store vs Decentralized


Traditional app stores or we called it as a centralized marketplace similar to Apple's, iOs App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Skill store are well known in this area. They're all privately owned or operated by one central authority. The common disadvantage of a centralized marketplace is they can switch the rules anytime they want, they can shut down the marketplace, they can manipulate the information or the worst thing is, they can sell our data without you even realizing it. All while profiting off of your developments.

The decentralized store, or dApp Store, is an open-source solution where the public can view the system without requesting to the owner or to the authority. This technology has no central command or ownership because it is built by the power of blockchain technology. 

Project Hydro has built a solution to enable this freedom and that's why they built the Hydro dApp Store.


The Hydro dApp Store created by the developers of Hydro Labs is built from one of their best protocols, called Snowflake. This marketplace allows a developer to build an application and submit it to the store anywhere around the globe. Hydro Snowflake follows the ERC-1484 digital identity standard (DID) and this protocol is built as a layer-2 on the Ethereum blockchain. I was designed to protect our private data from hackers or any identity theft on the blockchain. The Hydro token is the main transactional token on the dApp store and the dfevelopers can monetize their products the same with the centralized app stores and they can store their code freely anywhere around the globe.

If this is your first time to use the Hydro dApp Store you have to sign up here to make an identity: Users must have MetaMask to interact with the store and to sign messages. You can install it or use a google extension - If the user already installed MetaMask they can now interact with the store, stamp data to the blockchain, buy a dApp, remove a dApp from their identity and more. MetaMask will be displayed on every transaction but also visible through the users Ethereum public wallet address. The team has mentioned they are looking to remove the requirements of MetaMask in future versions for easier onboarding.

The Hydro dApp Store is using ReactJS, Web3, Solidity, HTML, CSS and other npm dependencies. If you're a blockchain developer, and you know about react and solidity you can easily built a dApp of your own and deploy it the store, or you can help with open source development. If you have APIs, SDKs, or Ethereum based documentation, please reach out to us to have it added to our developer resource page where you will have immediate access to new developers and users.





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