So tired of losing money? Our Trading Guide Episode 4 - "9 STEPS ON HOW TO DETERMINE FAKE PROJECT

So tired of losing money? Our Trading Guide Episode 4 - "9 STEPS ON HOW TO DETERMINE FAKE PROJECT

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 2 Oct 2019

Hello guys and welcome to our Trading Guide Episode 4.




So first of all in this crypto world, 70% of the said project most especially on ICO/IEO are fake and that's the fact! 

The community believes and fell in love on the said project but in reality, they keep losing their own called "HARD WORK EARN MONEY"

These projects they just run and do exit scam! So f**K those selfish developers, CEO and their team. 

But that's the reality. they can build a new project anytime if they want to.

Most of the time they have 80-90% of holding tokens so they don't care about the community. as long as they can get the funds of the people. They just doing stupid Hype and Airdrops with unbelievable rewards.

My main point here is just want to educate people most especially the beginners, on how to determine the Fake project.

1. Must look at their Whitepaper - Most of the investors didn't read the whitepaper and most of the whitepaper on the other project. They just doing copy paste or add and remove photos.

So it so easy to write a Hype Whitepaper with Mind-blowing idea. So you have to think if they can do it? Check their roadmap if the project causes a delayed ex 1-2 months You have to remove your funds asap.

2. Check their website - Website is very important if you're a developer you know what is poor, cheap, and good website. You must notice if they're active or not. If they didn't post any news for 1-2 weeks or months? So that's the beginning of exit scam and just say goodbye to your funds.

3. The team must have photos and LinkedIn profiles - Although if the team has a LinkedIn profile I don't recommend them as 100% legit as well. Because it's easy to create a fake Linkedin Profile just to scam people.

if you check their Linkedin profile/company check the dates if they're an old member of Linkedin and they posting the same with Idea or project. Check if they have photos and if it's legit or not. If the CEO social media is not active most especially on twitter, facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. 

This is a scam but if they post with using their private social media that's a good point for them. Most especially on POS, they didn't put their personal photos on their website. But if they posted it and their photos are look suspicious you should Avoid this project. 

4. Check their social media website - If you're on this Hype cryptocurrency world? you know what I mean. You must check their social media if it's legitimate or not.

Because sometimes on Instagram they can buy fake followers. Bot on Telegram, fake followers. On facebook so easy to Boost on advertising. Twitter they can buy followers too.

So how can you determine if they're legit or not? Check their GitHub, if the code is good and must I say it's a plus point to them.

5. Don't be a fool on Telegram - I saw most of the ICO/IEO and STO Project has fake telegram followers, They do direct messages by different people and sometimes you will be invited by bot. Like why I'm here in this community?

most of the time in telegram if they saw you and as a potential investor. People just message you and offering or to get your login credentials.

Don't give your private key or even your personal information.  Some of their strategy saying they want a friend if you removed emotion the same as trades this is a big help.

That's why most of the admin on Telegram has rules or can I call this a motto? LOL "ADMIN WON'T PM FIRST!"

6. HYPING - This is the common use in this crypto world. They use sports athletes, Famous Brandnames, doing fake announcements just to promote their fake products or their mind-blowing idea.

Sometimes they get your emotion by announcing "Please donate for the Charity, Fake Children, poor, ENVIRONMENT, SAVE ECOSYSTEM, My family died/accident" LOL.

7. Blockchain/Crypto Advisor - If you're investor like want to invest your million funds seek a blockchain/crypto adviser. Yes, prevention is better than cure.

Blockchain/crypto adviser is not related to T.A's okay? So it's different. They do advise like me and just give you an idea if this project is good or not. or this company will take a short, medium or long time frame.

8. Check the Volume - Check their volume if they're legit or not because sometimes they can pay to the Exchange market just to have a fake volume. If they're made of eth blockchain you can search the transaction to the etherscan.

9. Doing Airdrops - Please be careful of airdrops that saying complete this task and you have a reward of $500-$1000 that's crazy!!

since they just want to get your personal information most especially if the project has KYC and you determined in the end that this project looks suspicious sometimes they will sold it to the other parties.

Your information is very important so please keep it safe and private.

Again do your own research no matter what! and Feed your brain first. 


That's all!  Stay Tuned to our next paragraph episode 5.

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