So tired of losing money? Our Trading Guide Episode 1.

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 1 Oct 2019

Whether it was a Forex trading, ETF, Cryptocurrencies or other technology, There's always ups and downs, a lack of discipline can drag you down deep and deep or would I say it's just a sustained bleed out of trading capital? 

hmmmm... I don't think so?

80-90% of trader will face a big loss (or several) in their career. But did you know how to bounce back after a big loss? and isn't complex?

There's a basic step to notice what is difficult in repairing the mental damage done, especially the damage to confidence.

So here we go!

While overconfidence is just temporary, lots of successful traders have enough confidence and this can drag you to your losses. You have to master your emotion and this is very important. Because traders are not trading in fear, because fear is just a temporary. You have to reach that level of confidence. The market is just a market no matter what, Step in whenever there's an opportunity, Try to cut your losses when it doesn't turn out and try to condition your mind, Sit properly and try to read those graphs, candles, position, etc.etc.

After a losing streak or big loss, I know you already question yourself. Why do I keep losing?

Questioning yourself leads to all the typical problems many new traders have: (and that's normal) getting out of trades too quickly or holding on to them too long, jump or skip trades with the fear of losing, or getting into more trades than you should in an attempt to get some winning trades.

 If you experience these issues or have just suffered a big loss of capital, There's a basic guide to getting yourself back on track. So the question is what are they?

Stay Tuned to our next paragraph episode 2.

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