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We all know that the blockchain is a ledger of records collected into a network using cryptography and distributed over many decentralized locations. It's fit for securing records, verify, and transfer assets in real-time and without using banks, brokers, or other third parties.

The most interesting part is the data recorded on the blockchain is permanent, verifiable and unalterable by all.  This means data secured using blockchain tech remains for perpetuity and it can be viewed by everyone (for public blockchains).

The financial sector is adopting blockchain technology faster than any other sector around the world, most especially banks. that is why we create Zipcoin for you.


                     Introducing Zipcoin

"Zipcoin is made of EOS blockchain and it build for decentralized remittance and payment solution to help and enhance businesses small,medium or large enterprises.


The most exiting part is the P2P (peer to peer) trading and remittance platform. This token will help you to secure your trading businesses ,swift, fast and advance payment solution.


                 ZipCoin Claiming to Solve

We will create a new alternative remittances solution that can help businesses in the Money Service Business(MSB)  that charges consumer high processing and foreign exhange rate fees. In the business world they're two consistent things with similarities, They're related to remit industry and they've a problem with their payment providers.


  • not applicable on the said area (restriction)
  • Lots of requirements
  • No guarantees
  • No anonymity
  • Too much fees
  • lack of p2p remitting
The most suffering part of de-centralized and centralized exchanges;
  • They can manipulate it
  • lack of protection on the website
  • Poor customer support services
  • Complicated tools in the system
  • Can't gain your ROI besides capital gains on your token
ZIPCOIN will utilize its platform and resources in a way that minimizes waste and maximizes value to improve every life of each person
  • Safe & Secure
  • Low Fees
  • Easy Funding Account
  • Daily Cash Out
  • No Dilution
  • Earn Rewards
  • 24/7 Customer Service

                   Zipcoin Solutions

“Businesses make more profits while consumers spend less”

  • ZIPCO token will provide a reliable payment solution to the markets
  • Focus ownership (Crypto curriences are independent of any third party)
  • Low fees so that the consumers can spend less with high profits
  • Cyber-security framework is to ensure that there are strict measures and practices in place to protect customer assets against any eventualities and threats. (safe and secure)
  • Due to the EOSIO based blockchain, The digital currency transaction allow Anonymity
  • Transaction can run fast



To touch the lives of our communities globally by creating jobs and to become the most preferred Online
Money Transfer Company in Africa backed by cutting edge technology, dedicated team, excellent customer
service, and unstoppable passion for improving and reducing cost associated with remitting fee where a large
share of the African and other emerging remit market uses one unified token; ZIPCO, for all their transactions.



To provide the services with affordable, reliable, hassle free, secured and convenient money transfer services to
our valued customers. To maintain collaboration, engagement and lifelong relationship with our customers and
partners by providing customized remittance services to ensure good corporate governance and integrity in
dealing with community issues, challenges and opportunities.



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