Publish0x Implementing 2FA/MFA are you agree?

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 15 Oct 2019

Publish0x Implementing 2FA/MFA are you agree?

We're now talking about 2FA/MFA

Two-factor authentication or 2FA and MFA or Multi-factor authenticator   

These type of applications or idea is very important and we must apply these to our accounts. It is a kind of method of confirming users'' identities by using a combination of different factors. ex. Something they have (a hardware token ), they know (your password or PIN ) and they are.

We know that password is really a problem and these kinds of applications can help us to prevent hackers and attackers to secure our accounts. Most especially on these free online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Dropbox, which have millions of users.

I see that in the future there are a million users using Publish0x.

So how to use 2FA/MFA?

You log in your account by entering your username and password this is the basic we do and there's a prompt that you need to enter a code that is either emailed to you or sent to your phone by text message. Sometimes they called this as OTP or one-time password and OTC one time code. 

This code is only valid for a limited time, Usually, I guess a couple of minutes or more than five minutes, and can only be accessed by someone with access to the email address or phone.

However the weakness of these 2FA most especially if you're using centralized or Google Auth. If you lost your phone and the hackers know your password or Pincode on your phone and that's big trouble.

Based on the research even google teams didn't use google auth.

Also, the negative side of 2FA if your phone is dead (low battery) and the 2FA code sent to you via text message. You can't open your account so sad :(

So my question is are you agree if Publish0x will apply the 2FA/MFA? 

There's google auth for centralized or 2FA of Hydrogen/Project Hydro decentralized?

Please let me know your thought about this.

For centralized like google:

For Decentralized Hydrogen/Project Hydro 2FA:

I offer this to other projects or website as well.

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