IDall and Fiducia Partnership with $250 giveaways!

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 20 Apr 2020

What a great news to each and everyone! Fiducia and IDall will give $50 for each 5 lucky winners a total of $250!

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IDALL, the makers of the innovative One ID service and PASSCON Authentication Security Technology, and Fiducia Network, is a distributed blockchain data oracle network. FDO utilizes a distributed network of data provision nodes to provide real world data to blockchain applications.



What is IDall By the way?

Whether we are using the internet or wallet, we always go through an authentication process that proves ourselves. This is the first gateway we go through equally with any service. And so far we all use passwords. Therefore, it is inconvenient and very insecure. In fact, many hacking accidents are very serious. Nevertheless, global companies have not yet solved this problem.

IDall is a platform that connects the Internet, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to each other. And the connection process is improved with our innovative security technology called PASSCON. Not only is this connection all possible with a single ID, but it can be used with only one PASSCON authentication key and is secure from hacking

IDall is also a crypto ecosystem that circulates through token economy. Users will receive rewards as well as easier and safer cyber lives by participating in the IDall ecosystem. The ecosystem creates added value, and the added value is shared by participants with various rewards. As the ecosystem grows, the value created and increased will be reflected in the token.

We will be launched the decentralized one ID services this 2021, and to add wallet services to IDall apps and our target is to reach up to 1 million users.

In addition, IDALL will be listed on Global exchange (Hotbit) anytime around April 26th — 2nd May, 2020, we also have a daily quiz on our main Telegram, as of the moment you can buy IDall token on CFC wallet that is available on Appstore iOS and Playstore, and for purchasing or withdrawing assistance, you reach CFC on Telegram.





If you want to know about IDALL (Ask Me Anything) Ama please take a look: 



About Fiducia


Fiducia Network is a distributed network of data oracle nodes providing off-chain data to blockchain
applications. Fiducia node acts as a proxy server at its core. The Fiducia node software takes user
request, retrieves data off blockchain, and generate an intermediate response. In order to ensure data
veracity, security, and confidentiality, a peer-to-peer network consensus mechanism is applied to process and generate a final response to the requesting party. The Fiducia node software operates within
industry-standard secure computing environment to ensure that data are not tampered by the node

In addition, Fiducia token will be listed on


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