I guess you don't know how to upload videos on TokenTuber right?

I guess you don't know how to upload videos on TokenTuber right?

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 6 Nov 2019

Let me guess? I believe most of the people here are already take the quiz, but how about uploading your Youtube videos on TokenTuber?

So let me drive you to upload your videos on TokenTuber and to earn rewards.

This is just a quick recap, TokenTuber designed not only for the beginners but also for blockchain expert that want to share their Crypto videos
with lower barriers of entry and provides exposure for novices to the token economy and start their Crypto journey. 

People behind on TokenTuber works hard to create a friendly ecosystem for video creator to acknowledge their inputs and motivate them to upload Crypto-related videos. The best thing about TokenTuber, they give opportunities to video contributor and earn crypto tokens.

TokenTuber will help you with your Crypto-journey and gives you a lot of opportunities. Exciting, right?! 
These steps will assist you to upload your Crypto-related videos.

Step 1: Your video must be uploaded to YouTube


YouTube is also another video-sharing platform that allows you to share your Crypto-related videos and earn money however you can't earn crypto tokens as well you can't earn instantly on youtube why? You have to comply their rules and regulations before you start earning.

As shown in the picture above, Initially you have to upload your crypto/blockchain-related videos to YouTube.


Step 2: Copy the hyperlink of the video from YouTube

Second, you need to copy the hyperlink of your video from YouTube. 

On the upper right part of the website, you can see the hyperlink.

(Picture below will help you)



Step 3: Open your TokenTuber account and click "Upload Video" button on the top right


The next step is to log into your TokenTuber account which (you must have signed up for), and click on the upload video button displayed at the top right of the page which is as shown below:



You can sign up here: (TokenTuber)


Step 4: Paste the hyperlink on the input and click "Next"


After you have clicked the "Upload Video", there will be pop-up page (the pictures shown above) and instruct you to paste the hyperlink from your uploaded Crypto-related video on YouTube. After you paste the hyperlink, click the "Next" button at the bottom right of the page.


Step 5: Edit Title, Description and Tag if you want to and click "Submit Video", done!


This will be the final touch, here, you can edit your title and description, you can put anything you want as long as it's related to the video uploaded.
This will also help the viewers what they expect, cause they'll understand it from the description that ensures them the clarity of the video.

Your tags will determine the category of your video. A big help also for your viewers to determine the factor of the video. 




Congratulations! You've successfully uploaded your Tuber video but remember, you will only receive tokens from your uploaded video if you claim it after you upload!

Thank you for reading!


Sign up the link above and let's earn while educating ourselves and our friends to the blockchain ecosystem.    

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