Some Addiction

By irock | Crypto-Pressure | 1 Jan 2021

I would keep this thoughts to myself sometimes we ask ourselves if it really the dealing that keeps us pushing or just our intuition for a better place to keep our fears. Blues

My body acts unlike mine I recall it felt unusual with the drug but now unusual feels like the usual each morning I wake up with the intention of using them again but today felt different from my motives was sitting to myself with the reason to meditate on why can't I be myself with neglect for some more leaves.
It sucked terrible felt hard living this way alone in my thoughts inside of me everyone should be better off, is the statement really true or my head sounds more falsely than it supposed,it wouldn't make any perfection to settle for any of all am left to myself just the writing to feel for a better state of mind.
Believing less of reality and more of my own opinion I shouldn't live this way some would say,staying to myself making use of illegals brought critics bad ones under my nerves needed big break for myself the pain wouldn't hurt less knowing it killed em.


Life wouldn't be more interesting without challenges nothing should trouble my mind of this peace I found I should focus on that with less addict for leaves.
Wanted more of them haunted by fears mine alone shouldn't this be discipline am confused with different mode of logic in an unlike form breathing thinking its wasn't this minding my move as it delusional loving, it wouldn't seem like that it could be that am turning beast by this thought alone need some break.
Doing this made me realise I could be different doing much overdosing the leaves made him forward the day he tends to act high hallucinating his reality.

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