Swapnex is happening, ROI is growing

Hi, nice people. After my two stories, Swapnex : A new art of arbitrage trading
 and want to double your money in 36 days or less? It could be a scam, or maybe not?, I am back with an update on my running bots.

I have been running several bots with several coins. Today I will show you the results of my BTC-USDT-BTC, XRP-USDT-XRP and XLM-USDT-XLM bots.


This bot is running for 35 days. I have invested 0.00470005 BTC, and it has made me 78% ROI till now. Which means 2.23% ROI per day.



Unlike BTC, trading XRP is not so profitable, which I could deduct from the results after running the XRP bot for 34 days. I started with 80 XRP. After 34 days it has made me 56 XRP. 70% ROI, 2.06% per day ROI.



My last bot which is running for 30 days is XLM bot. For me, the surprise is that the XLM bot has outperformed the BTC bot. With an ROI of 71% in 30 days, it has provided a 2.37% ROI per day.


Before I make any conclusion, about which currency is best for trading, we have to also look at the price development of individual currencies in the last few days. BTC is -4.35%, XRP -16.33%, and XLM -10.33% in the last 7 days (The values are at the time of writing the article, source: Coinmarketcap.)

BTC is always the king. To make any better prediction about which coins are better to trade on Swapnex I have to wait at least until the ending period of the bots.

But overall the results are very satisfying. I will keep you up to date :) My plan is to experiment with $200 with multiple currencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP, XLM to compare them better.

If you want to register and start with the trading, Swapnex offers a 30-day free bot with BTC to test the service. You could keep the profit generated by the bot. If you like my work and want to register on Swapnex, my referral link will bring you some extra BTC to trade with: https://swapnex.io/ref/ILikeSwapnex

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