Swapnex a multifunctional arbitrage trading platform.

Swapnex: A new art of arbitrage trading

Have you ever thought of arbitrage trading in crypto? Alone from its name, it sounds a lot complicated. Unlike normal trading i.e. spot trading, arbitrage trading uses the volatility of prices in different exchanges. The crypto market on its own is very volatile. Besides that, there is also price volatility in different exchanges. But you could ask how come sites like CoinMarketCap or Coingecko show a single price for BitCoin. Well, they take an average from different exchanges. 

Although there are price differences in different exchanges, the difference is not so high. So the gain you get through a single trade is very little, let's say is under 1%. Constantly looking for these price differences is not so easy. For that reason, bots are very suitable for this purpose. There are several platforms in the market that might do the job for you or if you are very enthusiastic you could program your own. Let's talk today about Swapnex, which I use also personally. For that reason, I might be biased toward that.

Swapnex let traders trade at several crypto exchanges with their smart platform. It accesses traders to buy coins on one exchange and sell them on the other without any registration to any exchange. It includes all major and widely used crypto exchanges.

On Swapnex trading works in three ways:

  • Manual: trade on your own. 8 exchanges are available. 
  • Auto: Let the bot do the work. 8 exchanges are available
  • Plans: Bot also works for you. 11–20 exchanges

Let's concentrate on auto and plans from here on.

Auto trading

It’s completely free. You could run a bot with from 1 up to 8 orders per day. But the catch here is, that if you want to run a bot with more orders, there are a minimum amount of coins you need to have, and you will be not able to withdraw your money when the bot is running. 




Besides free plans, they also offer paid bots which let you trade in more exchanges, place more orders and provide less order processing time.


My experience

 I have been running several bots now with different orders per day and different currencies. I have been running a bot a BTC/USDT bot with 2 orders per day which has brought me an ROI of 22 % after 21 days, nearly 1% per day. Another bot is running for 8 days with 5 orders per day which has brought me an ROI of 14.5 %, nearly 2 % per day. 


Pros and cons

There are a lot of positive sides to this platform. It’s fully automated and free. Rewards are distributed daily, so you don’t need to wait until the end of the running period. Withdrawal of the fund is very easy, but there is a fixed tiny amount of commission for withdrawal.  

One point which I already mentioned is that your fund will be locked for the time period while the bot is running. This means you can’t withdraw the coins you initially invested, but you could withdraw your returns. 

If you want to register and start with the trading, Swapnex offers a 30-day free bot with a small amount of BTC to test the service. You could keep the profit generated by the bot. You could use my referral link you like:



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