Your Post is Plagiarized... But We Put it Back Online...

By BTCparadise | Crypto Paradise | 27 Dec 2019

After being accused of one of my previous post was not original and plagiarized, it was reinstated... But I thought it was plagiarized?

After breaking down how my post was NOT plagiarized, then they came to the conclusion it is indeed not. So how did they come to the conclusion in the first place that it was? If they were actually READING the content, then this wouldn't have happened. Even after I responded to the support email, they still claimed my content was not original and referred me to a link to a source that I cited in my post.

Only after my last post, someone finally READ it properly and figured out they had made a mistake. 

The very thing they discourage to not reading posts and just voting quickly, they restrict that behavior with timers and banning accounts. Yet they hypocritically have a bot to detect plagiarism, and don't bother to read the content and go with the bot. Only when someone makes a big enough deal, then they will bother to fix their mistake. 

It doesn't look like people are doing their job correctly.


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