Steemit Drama March 2nd

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 2 Mar 2020

Now I'm never one for any sort of drama. But here is my two cents on the whole matter-


Apparently Justin Sun collabed with many top exchanges to use people's STEEM tokens which were stored on the exchanges, to vote for a new softfork of STEEM, essentially taking control of the crypto, after purchasing the entire platform. This seems shady & unfair to everyone else. But honestly it didn't surprise me one bit. Why?


I've used steemit for about 18 months, not too actively. Used to be more active. The problem is that steemit has sucked from the moment I signed up. Used to spend like an hour writing a really good post (imo) & it would get like 1 penny if that. Meanwhile the whale accounts just post "Hey" and get $100s in steem. That's why I don't use it anymore. I'd like to think that if I took an hour writing out a post on this site, that I'd get some tokens in exchange. So far I've liked Publish0x far better than I liked steemit. Never going back there, especially after this. We should push to bring in all the disenfranchised Steemit users over to Publish0x!! Obviously the community isn't too happy with this so it would be the perfect time to tell your friends about Publish0x & see if they'll make the switch!! I promise that they will love it :D




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