How To Fix a Stuck Ethereum Transaction

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 26 Jul 2020

Maybe you are like me or like many people and tried to send an ethereum transaction through without thinking about how high the gas price should be. It suggested you spend $.50 on gas but you are no fool, it'll go through on $.10! Wrong. Unfortunately gas prices these days have been higher than ever, assuming because people are using Ethereum more or somebody is spamming the network to clog it up & create a different narrative to push their altcoin but that's neither here nor there.


So you have a pending transaction on your wallet that hasn't been mined yet, it's stuck in "pending" for what seems like forever. Maybe a day. Maybe 2 days. You are growing frustrated because not only do you have to wait for that transaction to be broadcasted, but nothing else you send through on your wallet will have any chance of ever seeing the light of day because transactions are pushed through in order of the "nonce" or essentially the order you sent them on your wallet. So your 101 nonce won't go through until the 100 nonce is cleared. Makes sense right? So we wait....or do we?


I'm here to clear the air- there is no reason you should sit around waiting if your transaction is stuck for 12 hours. It's probably never going through at this point. The miners will push through transactions with higher fees because naturally they get paid more- they don't need your measly $.10 when someone else is paying $.50. You are growing increasingly impatient- looking up complicated articles on how to get the transaction to broadcast, wasting gas money on trying to push through other transactions, raising the gas price,etc. STOP. Here's how you fix this conundrum rather painlessly.


This is my method for MetaMask users. Probably a TON of people are using MetaMask & that's usually my wallet of choice so we'll go with that for this tutorial. This probably works the same way with any wallet though honestly. Okay so you have let's say your 100th nonce pending for 12 hours. Sitting there waiting. What do you do? Rather simple & once you read this, you're gonna laugh that you ever had this issue in the first place, when the solution takes 1 minute.


What browser are you using? Doesn't matter really actually. Go to either a different browser that doesn't have MetaMask installed, or simply uninstall the add-on then reinstall it. I always go the different browser method personally to be safe. Either method should work the same though. You are essentially "resetting" MetaMask as I like to call it in Laymen's terms. Probably a more technical jargon synonym you could insert but we'll keep it simple. All you gotta do is install MetaMask, import existing wallet, pull up your seed phrase wherever it is, type in the 12 words given to you when you first created this account (make sure you NEVER lose your seed phrase but that's another article for another time), type in a new password, and there you go! Your wallet is restored & ready to go. But the transactions haven't changed. Yes I'm well aware. This is the first step.




The next step is something you've probably done a million times. But this time bear with me- you can't be cheap & say "I don't need to pay the fast recommended gas price." YES YOU DO. JUST THIS ONCE PLEASE IF YOU WANT YOUR TRANSACTIONS TO CLEAR UP. So what you are going to do, is simply go to or whatever intermediary you use to interact with your Web3 wallet, copy/paste an address where you feel comfortable sending a small amount of Ethereum to from this wallet (could be another wallet of yours or an exchange address you frequently use). For this step I just pulled the address from my main Ethereum storage wallet. Very simple now- send through a .01 ETH transaction (could probably be any amount) to said other wallet. Just make sure it's Ethereum & not an erc20 or something because I feel like they cost more gas & don't confirm nearly as quickly as sending ETH. When choosing the gas price, USE THE RECOMMENDED FAST GAS PRICE. Like I said don't get cheap on me now. We made it this far right? Don't wanna waste anymore time. It's not the end of the world if you have to pay an extra $1 or whatever. So there you go, push that transaction through, click okay or whatever, then wait a moment. Probably a minute later or less, you'll see that this transaction went through!




Done right? Almost! Now simply copy the address that you used to send from, you know the one where you had the clogged transactions, then paste it in "". You should see that the last nonce that wasn't going through, was replaced by the nonce you just sent through & broadcasted by the miners, and the pending one was dropped. Great! Now after that any extra transactions that weren't going through may still theoretically be stuck. You can just rinse/repeat to clear out those until all your transactions are broadcasted & confirmed. Send .01 ETH with fast recommended gas price anytime this issue arises. Your wallet should be back to normal in no time & you'll be able to send out any transactions you need!


Remember this article in the future but it all starts with getting cheap/thinking you don't need to use the recommended gas price. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. But my methodology is try to send out less transactions, like going to the grocery store only when you need to stock up, if you don't want to have to pay more money in gas fees. But as long as you use around the recommended gas price, you should never have this issue. If you have it again remember- uninstall Metamask (make sure your seed phrase is written down somewhere!), reinstall, send through a small ETH transaction to another wallet with the fast recommended gas price, and your issues should be gone!


**This has ALWAYS worked for me in the past, when I get greedy & send out a transaction with far too little gas and need to get my wallet in working order again.**


**This probably works for really any wallet, not just MetaMask. Simply write your seed phrase or private key down, uninstall the wallet, reinstall the wallet via seed phrase or private key, push through a transaction, and your problem is fixed!"


So hopefully this clears up any issues you've ran into, and hopefully it clears up your transactions as well! You'll be sending your next tx through in no time (long as you use the recommended gas price). Glad to be of assistance! Until next time folks, keep it real, and stay classy.




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