By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 2 Apr 2020

This one really flew under the radar. Not sure how I missed it. But I have a feeling it'll be the best investment for years to come. Hear me out-


Now you might think of toilet paper as just a regular household item. Not too important. It's easy to come by. Well not anymore. You may have noticed that all the stores are completely out of it & now people have started hoarding it, even using it as a currency sometimes. But that could be spreading the virus. That's where ToiletPaperToken comes into play.


Not only is it the hottest investment of 2020, it's up over 1000% today & not showing any signs of slowing anytime soon. 351665157-1b01bddb1a9f7311f3f646bb99ded1e377681efd04e78a0859f9096845c89a8f.png


$ICX up 16%? That's nothing. Get your Toilet Paper Token now. It's already all sold out on larger exchanges such as Binance & Coinbase. In fact it's so rare that the exchanges don't even list it anymore, as to not dwarf the other price gainers on the day. Yeah 20% is cool but have you ever hit a 1000%? Probably not.


Now you can't quite wipe your bum with it yet (brown paper coming soon) but once it's released, they are planning on launching all sorts of new upgrades including new toilet UI/UX, P-o-S (proof of shit) where users can share pictures of their poops, and even a mainnet is being created as we speak.


Get on board this investment opportunity NOW before it's too late. It's still not too late by the way, FOMO in before that 1000% is 2000% & beyond. You can be a toilet paper token whale if you act soon. If not? Well then you'll be stuck with measly 3% gains. What do you have to lose?





By the way April Fools, get some Bitcoin which should thrive in these times of economic uncertainty. That's what it was created for right?

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