$100 Bitcoin Giveaway

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 4 Mar 2020

Hello fellow Publish0x'ers! Glad to be here. Was lucky enough to be sponsored for a giveaway!! One person is getting $100 of Bitcoin. This giveaway is run thru twitter, but if you have one feel free to join! Nothing like giving back to this excellent community.



Let me know if you've found out about this giveaway via this post & I'll follow you on here & twitter 😎


Anyway I love this community!! I've enjoyed it much more than my time spent at steemit. I truly believe Publish0x is the superior platform for those who either love writing or love reading about crypto. To the future! 😁

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Bitcoin is the future. Fiat is the past. Pretty chill dude who is super into cryptocurrency, good music, basketball, football, and life in general. Enjoy every moment, they don't last forever. Tip & comment on my posts! I always try to comment back :)

crypto owen
crypto owen

This is @CryptoOwenW from twitter checking in. This blog will be mainly about Cryptocurrency, price movements, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Publish0x content, & crypto news in general. I strive to keep readers up to date on what I'm seeing happen in the crypto space!

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