Crackdown on the world's largest counterfeit online marketplace in Germany

By Naveed Siddique | Crypto ocean | 18 Jan 2021

Police in the European country of Germany caught the world's largest fake online market network and arrested the person who runs it. According to the German news agency. Police in Oldenburg have arrested a 24-year-old Australian man operating the world's largest dark net system, prosecutors say.


According to prosecutors, the illicit network involved the illegal sale of all kinds of drugs, fake credit cards, fake mobile SIMs and other materials that come in handy online. There were over a million customers and the network was illegally selling its products under 2,400 vendors or vendors.

So far, 320,000 transactions have been made under the seized dark net, through which 4,650 bitcoins and 12,800 monerocoins have been traded. The current market value of the illegal network is 17 million. The network was run by a 24-year-old Australian man and was joined by other people from several European countries.

Initially, German police arrested three Dutch, three German and one Bulgarian national in September 2019 on suspicion of being involved in the network. Arrested while fleeing Germany nearby, police also seized 20 servers for the network in Ukraine and Moldova.


Following the arrest of the owner of the world's largest dark net system, US intelligence agencies have also begun investigating whether the network's branches are operating in the United States. In addition, several European countries. The case is being investigated by German police. The network is thought to be operating in several European countries and in the United States, but has not yet commented on the matter. It is too early to say.

According to German officials, the fake network's revenue increased during the Corona epidemic last year when businesses were suspended due to the lockdown. German courts have arrested all the operators of the Dark Net on various charges. I also started trials.

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