A Flashback!

A Flashback!

By LeaderIcarus | Crypto_Nomisma | 26 Jun 2020


After all these, I think it was a matter of time to get involved directly on crypto, but I was wondering how I supposed to do this if I don't remember what happened during these past three months, so I decided I have a flashback, before I can dive into the very deep depths of the crypto space. So let's travel through space and time from the beginning of the year. No. Not the details, Just The general sense that affected Crypto and at the next layer, that affected every single market on the Planet.

Black Monday

Even if the first months of 2020 was - general speaking, of course - mostly green, the next one was not. In fact March was the worst since the crisis back in 2016. From the Black Monday (March 9) , as it will be known, until Friday (March 13) markets will be crushing one by one following up the coronavirus pandemic quarantines throughout the world.


Bitcoin, during these five days, will have an up to 57% ($8k to $3,8k) crush (image from Investing.com). Dow Jones - and NASDAQ - will have same lows as of November 2016, oil will record  subzero prices overnight and the entire planet will freeze. 

like to stop spinning.

For a while..


Rumors - about the virus - and politicians over the dead bodies, as the numbers were only increased day by day. Countries tried to react in front of this new and unknown threat. Some of them successfully. Some of them failed! Quarantine seemed as the only way . Ports, airports, train stations, all the known means of transportation ceased. Even if the fight against COVID-19 was raging, markets slowly but steady started to return to the previews levels.. It took exactly 55 days for bitcoin to have a 104% Rally, to break the crucial level of $10K, but the fear is not yet over, as the Fear and Greed index suggests.


Then, one by one markets reopened. Cities reopened. Life seems to begin to flow, again, forward, despise the 493k deaths over Coronavirus and over 9.7 million cases, according to World Health Organization.

Life inevitable goes forward.. For good or for the worst, but will never cease to go forward.


So, now most of the traders - including myself - are mainly monitoring the market and try to figure out what will be the next move. These are hard times and we must be careful, as scientists are worried about a second COVID=19 wave. this would be bad for the economy, but time will show. 

Except all these, we are yet to see the results of the Halving that took place a month ago. 


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