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By 215 | Crypto Newspaper | 20 May 2019

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A service has been developed to enable WhatsApp users to send and receive crypto money via the messaging app.

WhatsApp users can now send and receive crypto coins, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, through the popular messaging platform through the Lite.Im bot.

Zulu Republic, a developer of the Lite.Im boot, announced yesterday a simple way to send and receive crypto money through WhatsApp.

Users who want to send or receive Bitcoin from WhatsApp should add the Lite.Im WhatsApp bot and follow the on-screen instructions. The bot offers many different options except sending and receiving crypto money.

The service also allows users to earn crypto money through a reference program. In addition to setting the default cryptocurrency, there are options to choose the preferred language and password.



WhatsApp botunun ekran görüntüsü


Currently two languages are supported: English and Spanish. In addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin, ETH and Zulu Republic's own crypto-money ZLX transactions can also be made.

Lite.Im offers WhatsApp as well as similar services via Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS.

According to the company, social messaging is an important component of the broad acceptance of crypto money. Only WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Facebook is also developing crypto money for some time. There are rumors that the company's crypto money can be used on WhatsApp. If Facebook creates a crypto coin available on WhatsApp para as it's spoken, it will be much easier to send and receive crypto money through the messaging app.


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