🔥 Large return from EOS to first investors: 6567%

By 215 | Crypto Newspaper | 23 May 2019

Block, the developer of EOS.one offered a buy-in for 10 percent of its shares. This will allow the company to generate returns of up to 6567 percent of its early investors.

According to Bloomberg, crypto para EOS's developer company Block.early investors of one will be able to earn up to 6567 percent of their initial investment, along with a rebate of 10 percent of the shares.

Christian Angermayer, on the other hand, one of the early investors, is not willing to sell his shares. Angermayer, “Block.one is one of the most promising and best-placed companies in blockchain industry. The success story is just beginning.” he says.

By the way, Peter Thiel is also the block of prominent names such as Alan Howard, Louis Bacon and Jihan Wu.one shares. These names entered the company in July 2018, and neither Thiel nor the other shareholders commented on whether they would accept the offer.

On the other hand, Michael Novogratz's Galaxy Digital Holdings Block the offer.after he sold his shares on one, he received a return of 123 percent and $ 71.2 million.

The return price is around $ 1500 per share. During the funding tour in 2017, approximately $ 40 million was paid for $ 22.5 per share with a valuation.

The news also block including cash and investments.one's assets are estimated to be around $ 3 billion by the end of February. In addition, the company owned 140,000 Bycoin was transferred.

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