Porsche enters NFT market with trading platform FANZONE - First collection of licenced NFTs of German Football Association (DFB) players

Forward31 by Porsche Digital, launches its new start-up Fanzone and enters the NFT market.

Collect, play, and trade digital cards of your favourite players from the German National Teams secured as NFTs on the blockchain.

Do you remember the smell of the kiosk, newspaper, some sweets and the glorious smell of plastic covered sticker, even better, trading cards. Not only the regular football season brought me to the counter, asking for as many sets I could affort, international cups amplified my lust to get hands on each and every sticker or card applicable.

Fanzone takes this feeling to the blockchain by cooperationg with German Football Association (DFB) to launch NFTs for Germany’s Men’s, Women’s and Under 21 National Teams



After the rush of NFTs from left to right, Fanzone powered by Porsche is one good example of a newer trend for high-quality platform offering licenced products. Those integrations of licenced products have been supressed in the wave of NFTs flushing into the market but after the bearish momentum of the current markets the news reflect more on fundamental products. The sets by Fanzone have an exciting appearance and therefore a promising future.

Coming back to my childhood memories I must confess that there are plenty of hurdles to take for Fanzone in terms of reaching young clients who cannot take the barriers. No computer, bank account, knowledge to buy, store, sell NFTs. Asking your relatives to purchase you a NFT is far away from the experience to run into the next newspaper store, bend over the counter and search for the pack of stickers in hope to be lucky enough this time to get your missing piece for the collection. NFTs will focus on the more elder clients at this early stage of adaption.

The offered NFTs are RC725 and LSP4 and therefore tradable on external marketplaces.

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