How to aquire some Banano now that the Nano is flowing

By Colgate | Crypto news Snippets | 29 May 2021

So I was not meaning to write a blog today but I got a notification I had not seen for awhile, some nano arrived in my wallet!

Now anyone who has seen my blog know I have a little love affair with Nanos little bustard cousin Banano.

However Bananonis hard to get, as all good early alt coins (ok as all alt coins are)

I really don't want to sign up for a new exchange and pay fees on fees so I use a site called

Thier exchange rate is pretty much on the market and they make a small profit in the difference between sell and buy rates


Ok first click buy or sell and out in your banano receive adress (your wallet will give you tjis)


Next you will get a nano adress to send your nano to


Now we wait, lucky because Nano and Banano are almost instanouse it swaps really fast, keep hitting check until it tell you..


Now your thinking Failingforward how we trust this site? Don't! Banano and Nano are feeless so if you want to send small amounts you can afford to loss until you get enough;)

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Crypto news Snippets
Crypto news Snippets

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