VRS Token

VRS Token - Passive income for being a referral

By Kironos | Crypto news by kironos | 24 Aug 2020

What is VRS Token?

VRS Token is a new token on the TRON blockchain, it is used as a "placeholder" to make the script executed on the issuer's server know who to pay rewards to.

VRS are awarded to referrals at the rate of 1TRX - 1VRS


How do I get some?

There currently is only one way to get some VRS Tokens: claiming on faucets using the issuer's referral links. Whenever you withdraw from the faucet you just need to provide a screenshot of the amount withdrew and your tron address to the email address that you can find on the token's "get started" page. You will then receive your VRS Tokens equal to 75% of what the issuer earns on your claims.

So 75%(x2) of the share received will be staked by voting and will gather rewards (so if the issuer earns 1 trx from you, .75trx gets staked on a trx paying sr and another .75trx gets staked on sesameseed/troneurope (switched according to the one that pays more)
This way you will earn on 150% of what the issuer earns from you. (This might be reduced to 75% in case the circulating VRS Tokens exceed the issuer's trx balance due to obvious reasons)

The remaining 25% is used this way: 20% goes for paying rewards distribution transaction fees and 5% goes to pay the server's (where the website and the script that distributes rewards) expenses

In the future it will be possible to trade VRS on exchanges.

Why would someone be interested in buying or selling some on exchanges? Let's say that user X holds some VRS Tokens and needs some liquidity; they might want to exchange it for TRX. User Y has some liquidity and would like to earn some more passive income, then they might want to buy some VRS Tokens.

How are rewards distributed?

A server-side script is executed 45 minutes past every voting cycle. (12:45 and 6:45, both AM and PM @ UTC)

The formula used to calculate rewards is: S = ( T / ( 10 ^ 6 ) ) * ( R / V )

  • S = Holder's share
  • T = Holder's VRS balance (in SUN, so 1 VRS -> T = 1000000 (1 million))
  • R = The voting rewards received by the issuer
  • V = The total number of the votes of the issuer

The final rewards will have a 6-decimal precision, so rewards under 0.000001 won't be distributed (as of now, the safe balance to get rewards is 0.01 VRS, so any value >= 0.01 will make you earn trx rewards, 0.1 VRS is the safe balance to get terc rewards and 0.05 VRS is the safe balance to get seed rewards)
Any balance >0.1VRS will certainly earn you dual (trx-terc or trx-seed) rewards!



Any question? I'm ready to answer to all of your questions in the comments!




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Crypto news by kironos
Crypto news by kironos

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