I will show you how I turned $5 into $120 - TradeWithBityard

I will show you how I turned $5 into $120 - TradeWithBityard

By Alex3i | Crypto Newbie | 13 Dec 2020


I will start to tell you how I came to know this incredible platform. I am a crypto newbie, what I have been doing for years is buying ICOs and leaving them for a long time. In May, thanks to an airdrop news platform, I got to know this platform, registered, completed some tasks, and got $5 dollars. As I didn't know anything about trading, I bought LTC and left it for a few months, when I came back I saw that those 5 dollars had become $30, after that I researched and studied about tranding, contracts, derivatives to be able to improve and earn more. That's how I converted those 5 dollars from the airdrop into 30 dollars, then into 100, until I had 120 we could say that everything was "rookie luck" :D

bityard's interface is very intuitive and this was what helped me the most when I made that first purchase. From my point of view today that I know a little more and my trip through the crypto world made me know many trading platforms and these are very complex and not at all intuitive.

Bityard = “Complex Contracts Simple Trade”

Let's see how simple is to use bityard

To show the simplicity of the platform I will focus on the mobile application, it is as simple as entering the application, login, depositing, hitting the trade button and starting.

Bityard smarhphone trade appThe PC version is totally similar, except that you can see the take profit & stop loss according to the percentage you chose.

Bityard PC trade appYou must keep in mind that my experience was nothing more than luck, no matter how simple the bityard platform is to start trading and make money. Always try to invest and start with little money and also investigate and study about trading knowing some of the terms like TP - SP - Leverage.

For those who read this post and are new or afraid to trade, I have good news for you, bityard recently implemented the Copy trade an option to start if you still don't know much about trading or maybe you are afraid.

Here more info ---> https://support.bityard.com/hc/en-us/sections/360007562592-About-Trading

Copy trade, an excellent option for those who are still afraid

Bityard recently implemented this mode which is very easy to use and is an excellent choice for traders and followers. it's not an innovation and this way of trading is not Bityard's own creation. I've meet it on other platforms too.

Some of the key advantages of the bityard copy trade

  • 8% of the profit from each successful trade.
  • makes trade easier for newbies

Basically, all you have to do is to find a very experienced trader and follow his steps exactly. If he wins, you win too, if he loses, you lose too.

Bityard copy trading

Here more info --> https://support.bityard.com/hc/en-us/sections/900001497123-Follow-up-related

What differentiates Bityard from others

There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Singapore based Bityard with more than 100,000 users in 150 countries already definitely not a top spot Exchange but it is known for easier contracts trading.

Their product concept --> “Complex Contracts Simple Trade”.

Key differences in bityard

  • Tether(USDT) as the base currency
  • Bityard coin BYD. Get BYD through register and trade, you can deduct trading fees, or get excess income from listing
  • OTC Deposit. Enjoy Your trade without cryptocurrencies, OTC deposit helps you with fiat deposit
  • Bityard uses a K-line weighted average that pulls data from 3 major Crypto exchanges which are Binance (30%) &OKEx (40%) &Huobi (30%) to display the fairest and most accurate cryptocurrency prices
  • Leverage anywhere from 5x to 200x. Margin trading carries more risk but also higher rewards
  • Zero spread, No slippage cost and no clawback
  • Unique "close all" funtion
  • Low fees

Regulation and Licensing

Bityard displays 4 licenses on its website.

Bityard regulation and licensing

Variety of assets to trade

Bityard has 19 crypto contract assets, 11 derivative contract assets, 32 spot trade assets.

Bityard assetsDaily mining

You can do daily mining in bityard all you earn will be used to reduce the commissions. You cannot trade with the mining bonus.

Great bonus program

No exchange has a regular bonus program of up to 258 USD like Bityard. Moreover, Bityard promotions also help you get used to cryptocurrency trading, which most other exchanges do not have.

The bonus earned will be used in the reduction of commissions, you cannot trade with the bonus.

Bityard bonus program

Great affiliate program

Bityard has a great affiliate program if you ever manage to get 100+ referrals, then you get a whooping 60% total fee reward. Not bad, especially if you compare with 5-20% offered by the other similar websites.

If you want to register and support me, please use my link if possible. -> https://bityard.com/?ru=pAE4pp

There is a partner offer that provides excellent commissions and rewards, but I will not go into that. You'd better find out for yourself. :D

Bityard Affiliate program terms

Bityard Affiliate program

KYC Benefits

Using Bityard is already very good without using KYC, but if you use KYC the benefits will be greater.

Bityard KYC benefits

Pros & Cons


“Complex Contracts Simple Trade”

  • Variety of assets to trade
  • Intuitive platform
  • Low fees
  • Copy Trading
  • Great affiliate and bonus programs


  • Crypto only for withdrawal and deposit
  • Cannot be recharged with credit cards
  • Sometimes the platform freezes and has to be refreshed
  • No 2-factor authentication

Remember that my story is more than just rookie luck, I don't recommend doing the same. Practice in demo mode, learn a few things about trading and then you can trade and still have losses.

Excuse my English. :c
Sign up Now --> https://bityard.com/?ru=pAE4pp



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