Publish0x is the top dog 🐕 a poodle

Publish0x is the top dog 🐕 a poodle

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 1 Oct 2020

A week ago I decided to test how works. A friend told me that the platform is similar to Publish0x and I thought that if I keep writing here, I can edit old content into new content, so I have my articles and ideas over there as well. Basically, I shoot two rabbits with one stone.

The beginning was fulminating. With my first article, in approximately 2 hours, I gained $0.54 (BCH). But what followed still seems incredible to me. I cannot believe that a platform that works on the Internet in 2020 is so rubbish.


First of all, when I wanted to post my first article on I was notified that that post (the article was entirely my creation on Publish0x) was already on the platform. That's how I discovered that an user (someone with an Indian name) had copy-pasted some of my articles from Publish0x. I found it very funny, but I immediately reported the guy. Hopefully, they solved the problem.

Secondly, although I let them know, even from the beginning (actually after I finished the registration process, I immediately sent an e-mail to the administrators) that I will have the same content as I have on Publish0x, when I wanted to post my second article, warned me that the content is already on the Internet and I could not post it. Although I sent them 5 emails, they have not replied so far, so my articles are still unpublished.


So, today I decided to make my first withdrawal. Nice money I would say!


On the other hand, I did pretty well with Publish0x. I evolved, although in September I didn't have much time for online activities.



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