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The road to crypto success is full of many traps and pitfalls, some meticulously place and some random scattered trying to get their own piece of the pie. Recently the Doge coin has been doing some interesting things so of course being the crypto adventurist that I am, I decided to see what kinds of ways I could get my hands on some for free.

Which brings me to DogeLand.

First I need to lead off with my usual bit, I am in no way an expert when it comes to cryptocurrencies or finances in general so please never invest in something before first properly doing your OWN homework.

Okay so I came across this game rather recently and I decided to to give a try. DogeLand is a Dogecoin mining indexed cryptocurrency investment game developed in Bremen, Germany.

Upon sign-up you are given 1 Free Baby Doge:

He is automatically placed upon a free Garden House plot that offers its own bonuses:


Overall as a game it doesn't offer much in regards to interaction and you must log in daily to receive your free daily accruals, however if you purchase one of the other miner options they will automatically accumulate DOGE daily without having to log-in. I believe it would be more safe to say that it is closer to an ponzi-style investment scheme dressed up like a game. You can find them along with land plot upgrades below:








Currently after almost a week of playing I have accrued roughly 24 DOGE which the game promises me I can withdraw at any time with no hard minimum needing to be met first. I have yet to try this feature yet and so far have stuck to just doing my daily log-ins I will most likely do a more indepth analysis of this part at a later time should I continue to toy with it.

Overall I do hold my skepticism in regards to the legitimacy of anything offering free cryptocurrency as incentive, and so I would like to again offer my readers a bit of advice as to doing their own investigations before making their own investments. Also please remember as a golden rule never invest more than you can afford to lose!!


If you decide to give it a try you can follow the link below:


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