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The Practical Utility of MATIC (Polygon)

For a number of years when I needed to move crypto, cheap and fast, I used three coins. One was Banano (BAN). A second was Litecoin (LTC), and sometimes I would use NANO. The problem with all of those, however, is that their network reach is limited.  So, unless you found a viable swap, Banano that you had you really couldn’t do a whole lot with. You could swap it to NANO (note to reader - NANSWAP), but NANO was in a similar situation. The NANO network had a little bit more reach on exchanges, and was recognized better, but again utility was limited. Litecoin was in the same bucket. While LTC had a broader network and was recognized on major exchanges, at the end of the day there wasn’t a whole lot you could do with it.


Avoiding ETH Gas Fees, Going MATIC

Enter MATIC, which has an incredibly low cost of transfer, and that makes for a very appealing tool. It's competitive with Banano, NANO, and LTC is being almost feeless for transfers. In addition, the Polygon network has exploded with possibilities and options and projects. Unlike the other networks I just mentioned, MATIC also far more utility as a crypto for day-to-day value, transfer and exchanges and currency being widely accepted on multiple exchanges, both small and large, which makes MATIC incredibly easy to use to swap into and swap out of again. The coin is becoming the jack of all trades with regards to value movement.

Shifting Gears Crypto-Stylee

So now, where before I would stack up different tokens and coins and convert them to Banano or Litecoin and try to move them that way, at this point now I’m moving everything through MATIC. I can move MATIC into my MetaMask wallet, easily recognized on an Ethereum base network, and I can also move MATIC around to various swaps and exchanges. I can hold MATIC in my primary wallet and swap it to Ethereum and Bitcoin as I aggregate large amounts, and ultimately my value savings increases quickly with the translation power. It’s just an incredibly useful Swiss Army knife in the crypto world and, even better, the value of MATIC is not over-inflated. You can get into it very easily at a low cost, as well as out. So, it makes the coin an even better translator for small value alt-coins that you can’t directly transfer into Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Not the Only Game in Town, but a Smart One

I’m sure there’s other tools out there that could work and serve the same purpose, and there’s tons of critics who ask why even bother with alt-coins and shit-coins. Well, I still do because there’s still money there, just like gold minors today spend the time focusing on picking up tons and tons and tons of gold flecks instead of trying to find that one, big nugget. Over time an aggregate amount ends up producing just as much value. It just depends on what your motivation is and how patient you are with regards to making gain in the crypto world.

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