Satox Coin Paid Off for Me (a Little Bit)

So, if you've been hanging around discord enough, you might have come across Satox coin. Making a point that it is not a token but an actual digital coin with its own network, Satox launched heavy in 2023 and established quite a following with mining, distribution and a heavy amount of regular, daily airdrops. The project also makes a point of distributing its coin through multiple play 2 earn platforms, from simple discord games on their server to collaborations with an number of video games on Steam. 

Why Pay Attention to Satox?

So, is Satox the next big thing? Well, it's doing a lot better than say, 100s of other going-nowhere coins. Why's that? Is it the next Bitcoin? No, it's not even in the same category of DOGE, to be honest. However, Satox does have at least enough distribution to produce a couple thousand coins for those disciplined enough to go after it. From social media post marketing to game-earning, there are plenty of channels by which to earn Satox.

The Satox coin also has two functional wallets for collecting and depositing until one is ready to do something further with his balance. Satox-core is a standard software install approach that downloads the Satox blockchain record and provides a digital account address for the owner. Vidalum Wallet is an alternative. This one is not specific to Satox alone; Vidalum can carry multiple coins, which might be useful for those who work in a number of different networks. That choice can be used on Apple or Google, as well as on a desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux).

What's the Bottom Line?

The real question many will have about Satox, however, is, what's the coin worth? Well, for reference, I just changed 3,000 Satox for LTC, earned in about two weeks of collecting here and there. Basically, it amounted to about $2.50 (USD). Satox is not a coin that someone is going to make hundreds of dollars on, obviously. However, it is an interesting past-time for almost passive earning. And, it can be a great tool for learning crypto for kids, especially if they are already geared into playing video games. 

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