My Staycation, Day 2

My Staycation, Day 2

Continued from Part 1 which you can read here:

The concept of a vacation in the U.S. started somewhere in the 19th century, ostensibly for people's health. The well-to-do would essentially go to the country for fresh air in the hopes that getting away from the putrid city surroundings and smells would improve them and rejuvenate their bodies. Doctors were big on the idea, not to mention getting a free trip out of the deal as someone had to pay them to go see the patients out in the boondocks. However, for the average Joe and Jane, vacations really didn't exist. Being idle was considered sinful in the early Puritan days, with only Sunday taking a break to spend the entire day in worship. Every other day was a work day, from sun up to sun down (and some factories went longer).

Fast forward to 2021, my Day 2 of vacation was fairly mundane but productive:

  • Slept in again and woke up at 9:30am, realized it was already 90 degrees outside. Urrg.
  • The crypto market ended up breaking even with no change on my portfolio. Not bad, there could be a worse way to start a morning.
  • Ambled in my truck-truck over to the hardware store for parts and stuff (more toys!). My truck is a 2003 Toyota Tundra still chugging away with only a youthful 188,000 miles on it. I always loved the fact that the Top Gear boys literally dropped a Toyota Hilux in a desert, Antarctica and on the roof of a collapsing building and the damn thing still started with just a new battery. People always look at my truck and ask me why I don't get a new one with the old one all scratched up in the bed. I look at them and just reply, "Because it's a truck."
  • Took a run to Lowe's for hardware and house-fixing stuff. Ate lunch in a restaurant sitting down for the first time in whenever. That was a weird but nice experience even if it was just a Taco Bell.
  • Finished renovating my office after five hours of manual work, but at least I didn't drop a shelf on my foot this time.
  • More homework for my summer photo class.
  • More binging of Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix. Five episodes in and it finally starts getting interesting.
  • Made about $20 writing, slow day.
  • Made about $2 in new crypto, not really trying much today.
  • I might go to bed around 1am this morning. Okay, maybe 2am.

Definitely not how my home office renovation turned out...

Gamer Personal Room

Source and good article for room design ideas:


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