Windows 11 Pre-Install Test Tool

A Really Good Windows 11 Test Tool

I'll make this short and sweet.

There's nothing more frustrating than loading up a new OS only to find at the end of the install it doesn't work on your machine. Github has made things a lot easier with Windows 11. If you're thinking about upgrading, use this tool to check your system first and save yourself a lot of headaches. Unfortunately, Windows 10, like all good things, is coming to an end, but it still works well. Eventually we'll all have to upgrade. But you may end up opting for a new computer instead knowing the results of this tool. Here's what the typical test result screen looks like:Github Windows 11 Test Tool

You can get the Github version here:

The program is tested and safe having gone through the standard Github distribution testing prior to release to the public. The details are also on the same page as well as well as the code.



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