Trust Wallet Scam Airdrop in Twitter

Trust Wallet Scam Airdrop in Twitter

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 30 Nov 2020


Hello everyone - This is a very interesting example of scam airdrop that was presented on twitter.

When Trust Wallet started launching various successful and popular airdrops through its twitter account @TrustWalletApp, a team of scammers under the name of Trust Wallet Rewards and alias @WalletAirdrops (account suspended) to mimic their promotional campaigns by sending a message to its followers that they were a winner of one of Trust Wallet Airdrops. In fact, the message was reading as follows:

Trust Wallet Airdrop Rewards: Up to 1000 ETH Congratulations! You are one of the lucky users who got 105000 TWT and 15 ETH. Don't spin 105000 TWT and 15 ETH to send on your account. Claim Now └►… Just click '' Claim '' once within your dashboard to get the bonus. * This bonus will expire 24 hours after you receive this message! Thank you for being a part of us - Happy Trading! All the best, Terms and Conditions Personal secret © 2020 TrustCryptocurrency Ltd. All Rights Reserved. #TrustWallet #ETH #BNB #TRONTRX #FORSAGE #TrustCryptocurrency


Once the user had clicked the link which wasn't an actually scam otherwise it would have been blocked by twitter, the user would have been redirected to another website asking to click to another url in order to receive an airdrop according to the following screenshot. Official logos of Trust Wallet and Binance were present and the background color was matching perfectly the one from Trust Wallet.


A quick visit to the official Trust Wallet twitter account @TrustWalletApp and a comparison with @WalletAirdrops would uncover the scam. It is obvious that the official Trust wallet account includes all the necessary information just as "verified account" logo, location, official website url, Date of joining, a huge number of followers (223k) and a respected number of tweets (7,255 Tweets). The scammed account had nothing of them and eventually the account has been suspended by twitter.


Official Trust Wallet Twitter accountScammed Trust Wallet twitter account

Trust Wallet also reacted through their AskTrust twitter account @TrustWalletApp after a question by @bodlog88 ( and me @feax21 (, as follows:

People can easily get fooled from the easiness of earning cryptos through airdrops and they just obey the airdrop instructions without hesitation and clear mind. Stay Alert. Stay Safe. Use Airdrops through official accounts only.


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Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions


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