My Fat Cointiply Redemption

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The first publication of this article actually took place on CoinPayU Article a crypto-friendly publishing platform with the same title "My Fat Cointiply Redemption". If there is any kind of conflict interest I would rather delete my article from there and keep the Publish0x Version. The article editor appears to be very friendly for blogging but the results from the visitors impressions and the tips were very disappointing so I have decided to re-publish it on Publish0x.


Cointiply is one of my favourite and reliable GPT / PTC (Get Paid to / Paid To Click) website that I use since 2019 to collect the faucet, view several Ads online and complete marketing surveys. Normally I am not a person of bragging and showing off with his success and the earnings of his crypto-activities. I believe it brings bad luck as well. Yet, for several reasons stated below I have decided to withdraw a big portion of my accumulated Cointiply points into BTC and I would like to share the success with you to demonstrate how powerful is patience and persistence.

What is Cointiply ?


As I explain on my website Cryptomonkey.weebly.comCointiply is a cryptocurrency platform founded in the beginning of 2018. Operating mostly like a GPT (Get Paid To) site, the platform offers a wide variety of paying functions such as Roll the Faucet, View PTC Ads, Play the Multiplier, Complete Surveys & Offers, Watch Videos, Install Mobile Apps, Play Games, Refer Users, Redeem Promo Code and a Loyalty Bonus of 1 point which is being increased daily until you reach 100 points. Also, It is the only faucet platform that provides a legitimate Android application which users can download from Google Play.


According to Quora, Cointiply, has a rating of 4.0 on Trustpilot based on reviews of more which is quite high than 4000 users and has already paid its users more than $3 million in cryptocurrency so far. I believe that the rating would have been ever better if it was behaving in a square and fair way to its members.

Unlike the mainstream faucets where the payouts are done directly in Satoshis, Cointiply is rewarding users with coins with an exchange rate of 1 coin = $0.0001. Therefore the rate between 1 Coin and 1 Satoshi is proportional to Bitcoin's official USDT exchange rate. The minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) BITCOIN withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins and the minimum withdrawal for DOGE is 30,000 coins. Premium upgrade for 1 month costs 17,000 coins and for 1 year 170,000 coins. Premium users obtain several privileges such as no popup ads, no hover/slide in ads, maximum boost of CointiPlay wager to 200,00 Coins, ability to skip up to 2 days without resetting the loyalty bonus, early access to new features, premium support and badge and access to premium only chat room.


The Roll the Faucet function provides earnings from 25 coins to 322 coins including the basic claim and the Cointiplier Bonus of an initial 1.5x rate. Cointiplier rate takes into account many different factors based on user's activity such as completing offers & surveys, watching videos, referring users, playing games and viewing the PTC ads and users who only use the faucet function may even see their Cointiplier bonus edge lower towards the basic claim. Moreover, Prime rolled numbers provide an extra 51 coins. Loyalty bonus pays an extra bonus in every roll accumulated by 1% for each day the user has remained active rolling the faucet at least once. Members can also win the current JackPot by rolling the number 99,999. The minimum claiming period of the faucet is one hour.  

My Fat BTC Redemption

In the past, I tried with success to test Cointiply reliability by making small redemptions of my rewards in DogeCoin. As you can see on the screenshot below, my previous redemptions was 3 years ago when I redeemed 47,631 points for 36,1 Doge and 2 years ago when I redeemed 30,000 points for almost 13,4 Doge during the previous bull market.


Yet, for the past 2 years I have managed to accumulate more that 300,000+ points and recently I decided it was the perfect time to redeem them before the BTC price makes it less attractive although I was earning a decent weekly interest 5% on my balance as shown below.  


However, several factors made me to decide to redeem a big portion of my points and claim the corresponding BTC reward. These factors are the following:

  1. The current Bull market. With BTC value going up, I believe that it was the perfect timing to redeem my points before the proportion Cointiply Points/BTC will become less attractive. 
  2. Danger of receiving a permanent ban. No, I am not a scammer. I only have 1 account, i don't use VPN or multiple cloned accounts and any kind of bots for my faucet claims. However, accidents happen all the time as you can read on the article "Cointiply - Faucet or Fascist?"  of Canim07.
  3. Possibility of Cointiply going bustedCointiply has been indeed for many years online and operating providing rewards to its users. Nevertheless, you don't know the actual financial situation of the website and it might go off anytime. A friend advised me to redeem my points as long as I will reach the minimum redeeming threshold and I believe I have overtaken that threshold very well anymore.

The Redemption Process

The redemption process is very straightforward but you need to keep in mind the minimum redemption amount of Cointiply points which is 30,000 points. Also keep in mind that by retaining 35,000 points in your account, you can claim a weekly interest 5% of your point balance and you can use your Cointiply account as a staking wallet for your funds.


Cointiply will send you a confirmation email to confirm your withdrawal and a 2nd thought opportunity to cancel it in case of completing a wrong BTC address, utilising wrong network or even a hack of your Cointiply account!


By approving the payment after completing the verification code, the withdrawal process begins and soon you will receive your funds on your wallet either custodian or non-custodial.


This time, I have decided to deposit my reward into my Binance account although I am not earning any kind of interest there anymore due to the UK crypto regulation which I have explained to my article "The Binance Redemption". However, my Binance SPOT wallet appeared to be the most reliable deposit wallet before forwarding my funds to other destinations. 


Investing my Rewards

Instead of keeping my rewards idle on Binance SPOT Wallet anymore, I have decided to invest them in several channels. However, trading is NEVER an option for me.

  1. Investing in LimerCoin. Similarly to RollerCoin Mining SimulatorLimerCoin is another virtual mining simulator that emerged recently. Since the project is quite new with almost 35,000 users, I believe it is the best time to invest early in BTC to purchase my first virtual miners and potentially earn some profits there in BTC.  
  2. Earning interest of my BTC in MyContainer Wallet. After the Binance Redemption of my Earning products on Binance, I was and still struggling to earn interest on my idle HODL cryptofunds. MyCointainer is an Estonian-based wallet which can work well as an alternative HODL wallet for my BTC earnings with a 2% interest of my funds. So I considered that earnings would be a great opportunity to test its reliability after depositing there also a portion of my FET and TRX funds.

Yet, as I mentioned before the Network fee for a transaction in Binance is 0.0002 BTC, so it wasn't easy to split my 0.00083954 BTC profit in 2 portions and I was obliged to choose only 1 of my 2 options.

**Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading action***

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