StakeCube - Pros and Cons of the faucet
stakecube faucet

StakeCube - Pros and Cons of the faucet

By Niceday | crypto-money | 24 Jul 2020

Today I will talk about the use of the Shared Masternode service, Faucet, Exchange any many more - in brief: StakeCube.

I was searching for faucets and somehow found this one.

You have surely seen and read reviews about StakeCube before, so I will go into detail, what I like and dislike. Don't like to purely repeat what is already written in the web...


faucet scc

  • Pro 1) broad variety of faucet coins (13+1)
  • Pro 2) 24h claiming scheme is not for the 24-7 guys, I can do it easily after work
  • Pro 3) all faucet-coins have inbuild staking function, it means, that your coins generate staking rewards by itself - that could be step 1 to passive income - at no additional costs
  • as you can see, my TRBO coins yield around 50% ROI in staking mode, not bad at all!

My 1,2k TRBO coins yield...


around 50% ROI in staking mode


  • Con 1) the value of the claimed coins is missing. I want to know, if i get a 1000 / 1 or 0.01 SAT value. StakeCube has all the data, but for some reasons I have to research by myself
  • Let's have a look...

I picked 3 coins to have a first impression...

  • and here's the truth (24.7.2020, StakeCube-Exchange-Buy-price assuming "claim+dump")
  • SCC: 17 SAT 


  • ESBC: 2 SAT


  • KYDC: 2 SAT


  • That's a tough story, I stopped calculating further, as I know, that for some coins, there is even no BUY offer...
  • All-in-all I assume a value of 50 SAT of all faucet coins, collected over 360 days, it could bring you to 18k SAT.
  • In the long run, you will have a bunch of coins and hopefully some of them have a nice value increase, that you can forget the other coins with a smile..
  • To be honest, you should not partner with StakeCube only aiming to get rich in no time. 
  • Especially when we come to...
  • Con 2) minimum trade volume of 1500 SAT. 

scc trade amount

  • Yes, it's true. To avoid these dumping faucet dumpers, it is impossible to sell for a long period of time. Assuming the SCC coin, I will have to accumulate for 90 days, until the 1500 sat is reached. On the other hand, this anti-dumper threshold will stabilize the coin price, that could support a coin price increase over a longer period.
  • Con 3) The access of the faucet is always a 3-click-action: Clicking the upper Apps symbol > Community > Faucet. A small shortcut would have been much smarter to realize. 
  • Coming to a
Verdict of the faucet
  • You get a variety of coins at no additional costs
  • Staking is activated and generates some extra rewards
  • On the other hand the overall faucet value is very low (around 50 SAT)
  • It is not faucet to easy sell-off the rewards, you will have to stake for at least 3 months to sell
  • I would suggest: Use this faucet if you believe, that some coin can day. If not, better look for another faucet.

Please use my ref-link below to have a look into the StakeCube functionality, give me a comment  or ask your question....

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